Auto start & stop your cloud resources

Snooze My Cloud helps you to save money by starting and stopping your cloud resources based on schedules you define. Development servers, test environments, CI runners, you name it.
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Send your cloud resources to sleep

Time your whole infrastructure across different cloud providers and time zones from a single application.


Create schedules for different time zones and rules for every day of the week. This way you can easily define when we should start and stop your resources.


Statically assign resources to schedules or use our dynamic selectors to easily manage your whole infrastructure across several accounts.


Get an overview of how much money you already saved as well as a forecasts about your future savings based on your current schedules.


Our goal is to support as many cloud providers and services as possible. Everything that can safely be stopped and started will be supported.

Save hours in minutes

Step 1: Connect your cloud account

Step 2: Create a schedule

Step 3: Assign your resources

Start saving money!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the current BETA?
Snooze My Cloud is currently in a very early phase. At the moment, only starting and stopping AWS EC2 instances is supported. We are listening to you to decide which services and cloud providers to support next.
How much money can I save?
The amount of savings depend on the schedules you define and the cost of your resources. Check our savings calculator below, to get an estimate on what you can expect.
How many cloud accounts can I connect?
You can connect as many cloud provider accounts as you want.
Are my credentials securely stored?
Yes, your credentials are encrypted immediately after you enter them and are safely stored on our server. We will never use them for anything other than the purpose of fetching and interacting with your cloud resources. Additionaly, we ask you to only provide the permissions we actually need and you can revoke them at any time.
Can I still start and stop my cloud resources manually?
Yeah sure, you can still start and stop your cloud resources as you want. We also detect any resources that have been started or stopped outside of our control and don't touch them during the current schedule interval.

Calculate your savings!

Set the active hours of your cloud infrastructure and find out how much money you can save.